Today Is Here;Use It

A long time ago, right after reading my first book, Bottled Butterfly, a friend emailed me a section from a book entitled Eternal Echoes by John Donahue that says, essentially, that the human heart is never still, that the sense of self is never fixed, and that, in ways, our inner lives are nomadic. He quotes Hegel, who wrote that “Longing is the deepest and most ancient voice in the human soul. It is the secret source of all presence, and the driving force of all creativity and imagination.” Both suggest that if we stop dreaming, if we stop searching for whatever it is that we long for, we stop living in a sense and suggest that “maybe we would be as good as dead.”

My Nellie, in Bottled Butterfly, had a dream that no one but she could believe in, and she struggled throughout her childhood and young adult years against incredible adversity – poverty, illiteracy, prejudice – to accomplish her goals. Josh, in Skipping Stones, did the same, under entirely different circumstances, and risked everything important to him to help his aunt and cousins believe in possibilities and free themselves from the cruelty in their home.

Without dreams, we merely exist; without hope, we are lost. Now go out there and, as Josh says, “grab the tail of the wind and go for the gusto.”
Today is here. Use it.

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