Look Beyond the Mirror

Novel by Penny Lauer

Look Beyond MirrorAvailable in Paperback on Amazon

This step-by-step guide to the art of memoir provides all of the tools you’ll need to discover, examine and finally write the unique story of you.  Whether you’re writing for family and friends or a much broader audience, you must approach your project with intent, honesty and sincerity, and you must make it entertaining to your readers.  Based on her memoir writing course, author, motivational speaker and instructor Penny Lauer’s book provides all of the steps you’ll need to make your memoir a prized reality.

The process she shares is an exercise of exhilarating self-discovery.  You will learn how to dig deeply into your memories to find the thread that connects them all and defines who you were, who you are now, and what happened in between.  It will allow you to answer the personal question, why am I the way I am.  You will think hard about the lessons you’ve learned throughout your life journey, define them thoroughly for the first time, and prepare to pass them on to your readers.

Look Beyond the Mirror provides instruction for first-time or experienced writers. It is simply written and is full of specific tips on how to find the unique story of you and turn it into a complete and compelling tale.  Lauer encourages and prepares you to write, instructs you how to record your memories, explains how to use the non-outline outline to help you organize your memories, and provides details about how to use the tools of fiction to make your book interesting, instructive and cherished by your readers.

It is true that all of us have similar experiences and relationships.  What is unique about you is how you approached the heartbreak and joy, disappointments and victories, and the inspiration and chaos of your life.  How sad it would be if the lessons you’ve learned from all of that were lost, never written down to help inspire and instruct others.  Writing a memoir is a significant step towards living with intention.