Dancers in the Rain

I’ll never forget a book club presentation I made in Naples, Florida, two years ago. There were around thirty very well-read, sophisticated, involved women discussing with me all of the trials and tribulations Nellie, the protagonist in Bottled Butterfly, had endured and why she had not only survived it all, but had actually thrived. One quite beautiful and elegant woman raised her hand and quietly summarized our thoughts for us, quoting a saying that she had come across a long time ago and that she tried to remember every single day since: “Life isn’t about weathering the storm; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

After our discussion, several of the lady’s friends came to me and discreetly told me that she had had a very tragic life, but she had never given up. She had laughed, listened, shared, encouraged. She had become a role model for every woman she met. She saw the glass half-full, not half empty. She had presence, dignity, a sense of humor, and quiet wisdom.

I’m sure that you’ve met women like the bookclub lady. I know that I have, and I hope to emulate them when it comes my turn to determine what kind of person I’ll strive to be when faced with pain.

I hope that your day and all of your tomorrows will be bright ones. And if they are not, I hope you’ll remember my Nellie and the lady who had done more than just weather the storm. I hope that you’ll becomee dancers in the rain.

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