I’ve had the great fortune to meet with wonderful people across the country on 105 different occasions to discuss writing in general and my books in particular.   And often, we get down to other real issues that are in the hearts and minds of all of us.  Here is a part of an email I received after one of the book club discussions in Wisconsin last year; it says it all:

thank you for the wonderful and exciting afternoon you spent with our book clubYour explanations and insights into the development of the characters, and the process of getting something published surfaces again and again.  Falling in love with your characters was a new thought for many of us, and surfaces again and again.  We will probably not read fiction in exactly the same way again.”

“Thank you again and again!  The evening was a huge success because of you!  The comments I received were “delightful”, “engaging,” “inspirational with passion for writing and helping victims of abuse.” The ladies were all surprised at the amount of abuse all around us and you certainly sparked a great discussion.”

“I want to add my very special thanks to you for speaking to our combined book groups the other evening.  You have gained many new fans with your heart-felt writing.  Clearly you have two passions: your writing and your compassion for abused women and children.  You are a wonderful champion for both.”

My book signings have run the gamut from Barnes and Noble, to a coffee shop, women’s boutique, and shoe store.  I’ve spoken to classes at Ohio University and to audiences at their annual book festival; several sororities in Ohio; Salvation Army Soup Sisters; nursing homes; Country Clubs; Sailing and Yacht Clubs; art galleries, women’s college clubs; women’s church organizations; banks; public libraries; a shelter for abused women and children, and private receptions.  Some of the most in-depth and enlightening discussions were with local PEO groups and book clubs in six states.

I’ve been interviewed live on local radio programs in such diverse areas as Holland, Michigan;  KMMS in Bozeman, Montana; and the Dora Cameron Empower Hour in Iowa.

If you would like to arrange for press, TV or radio interviews, presentations to private clubs, non-profits, book clubs, schools or libraries, or would just like to give me feedback and to chat a while, please fill out the form below.  I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

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